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Server Migrated Successfully Should have a better uptime and a more stable response. The location was changed to be closer to the US.
2019-01-11 21:37:13

OW Data welcomes Quests OW Data menu group has a new addition: Quests. If you spot a mistake or something missing use the Support and send an email so we can fix it. I will try to update these as fast and regularly as possible.
HINT: You can search by Quest ID, by Quest Name or Drop
2018-12-10 11:04:42

Cauldron WoZ update Added WoZ 2018 recipes in Cauldron
2018-11-29 05:38:25

Support can add Cauldron Recipes To support Cauldron where all (and hopefully updated) Cauldron Recipes are you can now add Cauldron Recipes in the Support page. After validation they will appear in the Cauldron page.
2018-11-19 09:11:31

OW Data welcomes Cauldron OW Data menu group has a new addition: Cauldron. This is where all (and hopefully updated) Cauldron Recipes will appear.
HINT: You can search by Recipe Name or Ingredient Name
2018-11-07 15:51:17

Site restructured - OW Data added ExpChart and Gods have been merged into OW Data group to accommodate future additions.
2018-11-07 15:47:34

Updated Time Frame Clicking a god name will now show the info for that god (similar to Gods Info page).
2018-10-25 17:24:02

Updated Gods Info The Gods Info page load has been optimized
2018-09-12 09:01:08

One ManageR app to rule them all AA and Wilderness apps have been merged into ManageR. ALL of the features from AA and Wilderness are available within the same value in ManageR. PvE has been introduced as beta inside the ManageR.
2017-12-01 09:01:02

Outwar News via

4/19/19 - Trial of Power Complete:
The Trial of Power has concluded. Arkron, God of Trials is now ready to test your strength. Defeat him to prove yourself worthy of his rewards!

Click here to raid Arkron, God of Trials.

Congratulations to the Trial Insignia Contest winners, please submit a support ticket to claim your prizes.

The Trial Merchant will remain in Rallis with the Trial Insignia and Aura quests for 1 week.

4/12/19 - Augment of Kinetic Transcendence:
The Transcended Merchant in the City of Corruption has offered to trade an exceptionally powerful augment in exchange for a rare extract. Purchase a Transcended Extract from the treasury and speak with the merchant to begin the trade.

4/6/19 - New Payment Method: Cryptocurrency:
You can now purchase Points and Tokens with Cryptocurrency! Using the link added to the "Get Points and Tokens" form, you can now purchase in-game currencies with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

We have also made some quality of life changes to mobs and quests in the Underground Caverns and Divided Planes. The majority of mobs in these zones have had their rage increased, however quests requiring these mobs and items they drop have had their requirements reduced. This change is aimed at reducing the time players spend attacking in these areas, which will also help with server load.

4/5/19 - The Trial of Power:
The Trial of Power has been initiated! Arkron, God of Trials has summoned combatants to the streets of Diamond City to participate in the trial. Prove your strength to obtain powerful items and prepare for the wars to come! Speak to the Trial Overseer to begin the trial!

The major changes for this event include:
-Trial Insignia drop rates have been significantly reduced and requirements reduced for EXP hand-in.
-Added a 50 insignia version of the Trial Insignia EXP quest.
-Crusader health has been slightly reduced.
-Augment of the Divine Combatant drop rate from Crusaders significantly increased.

During the trial, Arkrons most trusted guardians, Shaik and Rook, will occasionally appear. Arkron has also sent his powerful assistant Golluk. This raid will spawn every day and will not count towards the crew cap, however only the most powerful of crews will be able to defeat him!

Arkron has also recruited his very own Gladiator! Players can attack Teva, Gladiator of Power in the Gladiator Arena to attempt to be one of the top 20 damage dealers who will receive loot. Loot from Teva's chests includes Elementium Wands (top 3), Augment of the Divine Combatant (top 5), Elementium Curios (top 10) and Recharge the Fury potions (top 20). Teva will spawn twice during the event.

The minions Arkron has summoned are fused with each of the elemental powers and will drop items associated with that element. The Combatants drop quest items, augments and a skill orb, however those with the power to do so can defeat the Crusaders for DOUBLE DROPS! Crusaders drop everything Combatants do except the skill orb is replaced with a more powerful version and the Crusaders can drop the Augment of the Divine Combatant. Also, while both of these minions drop the Elementium Curio, only the Crusaders can drop the Elementium Wand.

Combatants and Crusaders can also drop rare items called Auras. Each elemental type of minion will drop an Aura specific to that element and one each of these can be handed in to the Trial Merchant to receive Arkrons Collector Augment. Excess Auras can also be handed in for EXP.

During this event players can obtain Trial Insignia's from enemies, which will be the currency for the top 5 contest. Players will also have a 1 week grace period after the event to hand Insignia's in to the Trial Merchant for EXP before they are removed. Only 1 character per person is eligible to place in the top 5 for the Trial Insignia contest. This includes cross server and using other RG accounts as well. You can however choose any character on your winning RGA to receive the rewards.

For the first weekend of the event, there will be a 20% off treasury Preferred Player sale, ending on Monday morning at 9AM!

The Trial of Power will end in 2 weeks, at which point Arkron himself will arrive to test your strength. For further information on these topics, see the Trial of Power Q&A on the Trial of Power page.

3/29/19 - Augment of Shadow Transcendence:
The Transcended Merchant in the City of Corruption has offered to trade an exceptionally powerful augment in exchange for a rare extract. Purchase a Transcended Extract from the treasury and speak with the merchant to begin the trade.

3/22/19 - New Acirum Freelands Quest & Trial of Power Alert:
Lvl 78+: The Deflated Soldier in the Acirum Freelands has a new quest available called Acirum Cleanup. Speak with him to begin the task.

The next installment of the Trial of Power is imminent. Arkron and his minions will arrive at the Rallis docks on April 5th at 9AM. Train well during this period, because if the prophecy is true, this will be the last chance to train before a catastrophic event in the coming months.



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