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Server Migrated Successfully Should have a better uptime and a more stable response. The location was changed to be closer to the US.
2019-01-11 21:37:13

OW Data welcomes Quests OW Data menu group has a new addition: Quests. If you spot a mistake or something missing use the Support and send an email so we can fix it. I will try to update these as fast and regularly as possible.
HINT: You can search by Quest ID, by Quest Name or Drop
2018-12-10 11:04:42

Cauldron WoZ update Added WoZ 2018 recipes in Cauldron
2018-11-29 05:38:25

Support can add Cauldron Recipes To support Cauldron where all (and hopefully updated) Cauldron Recipes are you can now add Cauldron Recipes in the Support page. After validation they will appear in the Cauldron page.
2018-11-19 09:11:31

OW Data welcomes Cauldron OW Data menu group has a new addition: Cauldron. This is where all (and hopefully updated) Cauldron Recipes will appear.
HINT: You can search by Recipe Name or Ingredient Name
2018-11-07 15:51:17

Site restructured - OW Data added ExpChart and Gods have been merged into OW Data group to accommodate future additions.
2018-11-07 15:47:34

Updated Time Frame Clicking a god name will now show the info for that god (similar to Gods Info page).
2018-10-25 17:24:02

Updated Gods Info The Gods Info page load has been optimized
2018-09-12 09:01:08

One ManageR app to rule them all AA and Wilderness apps have been merged into ManageR. ALL of the features from AA and Wilderness are available within the same value in ManageR. PvE has been introduced as beta inside the ManageR.
2017-12-01 09:01:02

Outwar News via

6/18/19 - New Feature - Crew Treasury!:
Players can now sell items on the Treasury directly from their crew vault with the new Crew Treasury! Items can now be listed by a crew on the Treasury for a value of Premium Points (including playerbound items with the exception of raid bound items). The last 50 items sold will be viewable in the Crew Treasury Log along with their selling price and point incomes will also be logged in the Crew Point Deposits log.

Each crew starts with 10 Crew Treasury slots, however this can be upgraded 4 times at 10 slots per upgrade by purchasing and activating the Crew Treasury Slots Upgrade for a maximum of 50 slots. Similar to the Treasury links on the Treasury Shoutbox, adding ~CT~ to your Treasury post will now link to your crew treasury.

6/16/19 - More Updates and Improvements:
Extending on from our update last week, we have made more quality of life updates to the game thanks to player feedback. The updates include:

- Added a trade icon on the My Account page for pending trades.
- New icons on the My Account page are now clickable and will link to those specific pages.
- Elemental Power has been added to the My Account page.
- Gear will no longer deselect when inserting an augment on the Manage Augments page.
- Prevented some non-transferrable items from displaying on the Item Transfer page.
- Numerous other minor updates including capping the Refill Rage page at 100 points.

6/14/19 - Level 85 Expansion - Veldara Part 1:
The level 85 expansion has arrived! This update brings a large range of content including 5 new zones, the Chaos Gem slot and Chaos damage, new raids and more. While this initial launch is primarily aimed at levelling, we have many more updates planned for the near future including a new Epic questline, Guardian raid, Gladiator, Server Boss and more. The initial 5 zones of Veldara will be the first of a 2 part major release, the second being released early next year.

Veldara, once a lavish and peaceful planet, has recently experienced a catastrophic event. A new form of power that the natives call "Chaos" has swept over the planet rapidly, engulfing all living things it comes into contact with and is turning the majority of Veldara into one of the most hostile environments ever known. The source of this power must be found and destroyed, before Veldara is lost forever. Kellen has teleported from Veldara to Diamond City seeking help to defeat this evil. Once you have proven yourself to him, he will present you with the Veldara Teleporter. He awaits you in the Chuggers Palace Bar.

Character experience over the amount of 2,000,000,000 has now been converted into "Enhancement Experience". Enhancement EXP will not count toward level progression, but can be used to purchase items from the treasury such as Enhancers. Once you reach Veldara, speak with Tordin to begin eliminating the threats consuming the planet. After the introductory Studying the Chaos quest, Tordin will start you on your path to cleanse the 5 new zones via the 5 main quests - Veldara Wastes, Veldara Cliffs, Veldara Arena, Veldara Woods and Veldara Caves. After completion of the Veldara Wastes, players can choose to enter any of the next 3 zones, however all 3 of these zones will need to be completed to progress to the Veldara Caves. Upon completion of the Veldara Caves, players will be rewarded with the Veldarian Augment. This augment can be empowered by presenting a Bottled Chaos from the treasury or Gregov to Zivien. Information about the new levels can be found on the EXP Chart page.

Upon reaching Veldara, Tordin will introduce you to Lavana via the Studying the Chaos quest. She has found a way to confine the Chaos inside a special gem, allowing it's holder to use the Chaos to their advantage. This gem can be empowered by presenting Chaos Ore to Lavana to upgrade your gem. Players can obtain Chaos Ore from completing a large range of tasks which are listed below.

(6 ORE) Tordin offers 6 quests to obtain Ore. On top of the bonus Ore awarded by Lavana in the Studying the Chaos quest, completion of the Veldara Wastes, Veldara Cliffs, Veldara Arena, Veldara Woods and Veldara Caves main quests will also award 1 Ore each.

(6 ORE) Lavana offers 5 quests to obtain Ore. For every new level you reach starting at level 81, you will unlock a new Earning the Ore quest. Earning the Ore (Level 85) will also award 2 ore.

(6 ORE) Rorvono offers 3 quests to obtain Ore. For characters level 82+, the Chaos Golem quests require you to collect rare crystals from golems that can be attacked every 2 weeks.

(10 ORE) Norin offers 10 quests to obtain Ore. The Pulsating Exchange quests require you to bring a Pulsating Stone to Norin which can be purchased on the treasury or found as a rare drop from powerful raids.

(6 ORE) Dorgon offers 3 quests to obtain Ore. After completing the Veldarian Cuisine quest, Dorgon will offer 3 Secret Recipe quests in which players must locate rare, tradeable ingredients and cook them in the cauldron to make special dishes. Players must find clues from residents of Veldara about where these ingredients can be found. The 3 recipes are as follows:
"Secret Meaty Pizza" = Cook 1x Unusual Egg / Strange Mushrooms / Perplexing Fillet.
"Secret Hearty Stew" = Cook 1x Obscure Ribs / Abnormal Heart / Mysterious Peas.
"Secret Juicy Kebab" = Cook 1x Bizarre Flank / Anomalous Steak / Peculiar Haunch.

This update brings 2 new Guardian raids. Dexor, Victor of Veldara is the weakest of the new gods and can drop a weapon, a rare augment, new Inhibitor quest items and more. Inhibitors can be presented to Smorkol in the Veldara Arena for experience.

While Dexor may be an easier Guardian, Gregov, Knight of the Woods is the most powerful Guardian raid released to this date. This raid can drop gear, augments, a Pulsating Stone, Bottled Chaos, a rare item for an upcoming Epic questline and more. We will be releasing a third Guardian raid in the coming weeks. To balance the addition of these new gods, point rewards have now been removed from Lord Varan, Baron Mu and Freezebreed.

Another addition with this update is a new 2 day raid, The Chaotic Elemental. As well as rewarding experience, this raid can drop Minor Chaos Philter potions, along with Arena Teleporters. These teleporters can be used to access the central pillar of the Veldara Arena, where Skor the Arena Conqueror resides. While this rare spawn can drop Minor Chaos Philters, he is also the only being on Veldara in possession of Major Chaos Philters. Accept the Minions of Skor quest from Rorvono to start this process.

Remember to stay tuned for more content in the coming weeks!

6/12/19 - Updates and Improvements:
With the expansion just around the corner, we have made a few updates to the game thanks to player feedback. These changes include:

- Treasury Transaction Fee (Tax) has been reduced from 10% to 5%.
- Players can now choose what item to receive from a set when morphing.
- Potions will now stack. Potions for sale on the treasury will also separate into individual stacks.
- Added icons next to character names on the My Account page for characters with unread mail and new incoming attacks.
- The effects of set bonus decay have been reduced, meaning set bonus stat losses from missing set components will now be significantly less.
- Added an icon for attacks in raids to indicate perfect strikes.
- Added a ranking for Chaos Damage.
- Drop rates for the Spirit of Viserion and Spirit of Balerion have been doubled.

6/7/19 - Expansion Launch Downtime:
On the 14th of June at 8am there will be a short downtime period to launch the level 85 Veldara Expansion. Please allow up to 1 hour for this downtime, however the actual downtime should be much less.

6/7/19 - Preferred Player Sale:
From now until Monday morning at 10am there will be a 20% off treasury Preferred Player sale.

5/31/19 - Lost Grind Rooms Update:
We have made some quality of life changes to the Lost Grind Rooms in the Abandoned Desert. Similar to recent changes we have been making to old zones, mobs in grind rooms 1-10 have had their rage increased 10x and quests have had their requirements lowered the same amount. Drop rates of bonus items have also been increased. We have also removed excess mobs in each zone caused by this change.



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