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Server Migrated Successfully Should have a better uptime and a more stable response. The location was changed to be closer to the US.
2019-01-11 21:37:13

OW Data welcomes Quests OW Data menu group has a new addition: Quests. If you spot a mistake or something missing use the Support and send an email so we can fix it. I will try to update these as fast and regularly as possible.
HINT: You can search by Quest ID, by Quest Name or Drop
2018-12-10 11:04:42

Cauldron WoZ update Added WoZ 2018 recipes in Cauldron
2018-11-29 05:38:25

Support can add Cauldron Recipes To support Cauldron where all (and hopefully updated) Cauldron Recipes are you can now add Cauldron Recipes in the Support page. After validation they will appear in the Cauldron page.
2018-11-19 09:11:31

OW Data welcomes Cauldron OW Data menu group has a new addition: Cauldron. This is where all (and hopefully updated) Cauldron Recipes will appear.
HINT: You can search by Recipe Name or Ingredient Name
2018-11-07 15:51:17

Site restructured - OW Data added ExpChart and Gods have been merged into OW Data group to accommodate future additions.
2018-11-07 15:47:34

Updated Time Frame Clicking a god name will now show the info for that god (similar to Gods Info page).
2018-10-25 17:24:02

Updated Gods Info The Gods Info page load has been optimized
2018-09-12 09:01:08

One ManageR app to rule them all AA and Wilderness apps have been merged into ManageR. ALL of the features from AA and Wilderness are available within the same value in ManageR. PvE has been introduced as beta inside the ManageR.
2017-12-01 09:01:02

Outwar News via

8/16/19 - War of Zhul:
The War of Zhul has begun! Jevas, Master of Decay has spawned minions throughout the streets of Diamond City. Rally your alliances and fight with honor as you battle your way through the streets to rid this land of the Zhulian filth! Speak to Brutus to begin your defense of Diamond City.

The major changes this event include:
- All quests and quest items will now be removed 1 week after the event ends instead of during the end of event downtime.
- The Augments of Zhul quest has been replaced with the Collecting Shards quest, which will now reward users with the original 3 augments and more, including rare WoZ quest items.
- The Zhulian Succubus can now also drop Shrunken Spirits and Kinetic Spirits at a lower rate than the Zhulian Shade.
- The Zhulian Potion quest and Pristine Orb upgrade quests have been removed.
- The Guardians of Zhul quest has been removed and EXP rewards for killing each god have been increased.

The 3 Zhulian Guardians have once again appeared to protect their new master. These Guardians have a chance to drop items including Zhulian Power Shards, Potions, Rings of Kinetic Power, Efflorescent Spears and more. Vezzul has also returned. Crews can attack this raid every 24 hours for a chance at rare items.

Welx, Gladiator of Zhul is once again available to attack. Welx will remain active for 4 days before retreating for 4 days. Rewards for the top 20 damage dealers include Recharge the Fury potions and WoZ quest items.

Brutus is now offering the Collecting Shards quest, which offers Zhulian Slayer augments, potions and rare WoZ quest items. This quest will not remove your summoning shards.

The Efflorescent Spear, found on the Zhulian Succubus, can be used to upgrade your Tier 2 items to a Tier 3 version. Speak with Brutus to initiate this trade.

Only 1 character per person is eligible to place in the top 5 for the Summoning Shard contest. This includes cross server and using other RG accounts as well. You can however choose any character on your winning RGA to receive the rewards.

There will be a 20% treasury discount Preferred Player sale for the first 3 days of the event. The war will end in 2 weeks, at which point the server boss will appear. For further information on these topics, see the War of Zhul FAQ's on the Command Center page.

8/9/19 - Stizzy Crawler Changes:
We have made some changes to resist potion farming via the Crawlers in the Stizzy Waterway Keep. Each Crawler has had it's rage cost significantly increased, but will now directly drop elemental resistance potions instead of elemental drops at an identical rage cost as the previous cauldron method. The elemental drop cauldron recipes will remain unchanged for those with leftover drops.

8/2/19 - War of Zhul Imminent:
The next War of Zhul nears! Scouts report a large army heading for Diamond City that will reach the gates on August 16th at 8am. Prepare for war!

7/26/19 - New Server Boss - Zyrak, Vision of Madness:
A new server boss has been released! Players can now attack Zyrak, Vision of Madness for a range of loot including gear, a new augment, quest items, dungeon keys, potions and more.

With this update we say our farewells to the server boss Juggernaut, however the majority of Juggernauts loot has been spread out between the existing bosses. Loot inherited from Juggernaut by other bosses includes:

- Maekrix gains 5x Astral Totem / 9x Elemental Orbs / 2x Containment Orb / 2x Orb of the Scepter / 3x HK-22 / 3x Standard Issue Kevlar / 3x Tactical Pants / 2x Seals Pendant.
- Blackhand gains 8x Juggernaut Talisman / 5x Quest Shard / 3x Proof of Purity.
- Zyrak gains 10x Unstoppable Concoction / 6x Recharge Totem / 6x Recharge the Fury. Zyrak has also inherited 6x Cube of Sorcery and 3x Scroll of Sorcery from Blackhand.

Loot added to Zyrak includes Thunder Balls, Advanced Neuralyzers, 3 new gear items, Pulsating Stones and a Bottled Chaos. Zyrak also drops a number of new quest items that Ashala is interested in including Unstable Jewels which can be exchanged 3 times for Chaos Ore, Veldarablooms which can be exchanged repeatably for experience, and the Scripture of Zyrak which can be exchanged once for experience. There is also a chance for Zyrak to drop the Boon of Vision, which can be exchanged with Horan, Enchanter of Chaos for a Chaotic Inscription via the recently added Boon of Vision quest. This now means the fourth Epic helm upgrade can be obtained by collecting all 4 unique Boons.

Lastly, Zyrak has a rare chance to drop 3 new Ancestral Tombs, each containing powerful sets forged by Zyrak's unparalleled insight into history. These exceptionally rare sets can be used to empower clonable gear with the most powerful set bonuses ever known.



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