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8/7/18 - Gladiator Update - Zerx Specialty Chest:
A new reward has been added to Zerx, Gladiator Titan in the form of the Zerx Specialty Chest.

The top 20 damage dealers for Zerx will now receive a ranked specialty chest with a common chance to obtain an Honored Gladiator Mark, or a rare chance to receive one of two new quest items. The first rare drop, the Eye of Zerx, increases in drop chance for each rank you climb and can be handed in to the Gladiator Advocate in the Gladiator Arena in exchange for an Augment of Zerx.

The rarest drop, the Heart of Zerx, increases in drop chance every five ranks you climb and can be turned in to the Gladiator Advocate for the extremely powerful Gladiator Titan Augment.

We have also recently made a few minor updates to the game. These include:
-Added hoverovers to display information about stats on the Home page.
-Changed the default method to purchase Preferred Player to stripe.
-Added a link to purchase Tokens via the old order form.

8/3/18 - Exalted Challenge (Helm) & Challenge Price Reductions:
A new challenge has been released to obtain an Exalted piece of Perfection gear. To obtain this gear, speak with the Exalted Forgers to earn Exalted Fragments. Once you have collected 25 fragments you can have the forgers upgrade them to an Exalted Diamond which can be turned in to the Exalted Challenge Master along with a Perfection item in exchange for an Exalted Perfection piece. For those wanting to speed up this process, you can complete the Exalted Diamond quest from the Exalted Forgers to skip the collecting of fragments and obtain a diamond directly for 625 Tokens.

NOTE: Remove any augments you wish to keep from your Perfection gear before exchanging it.

We have also reduced the prices of some previous challenge gear. These changes include:
-Perfection average cost reduced by 40% (from 50 attempts to 30).
-Noble average cost reduced by 45% (from 35 attempts to 19).
-Spiral average cost reduced by 50% (from 26 attempts to 13).
-Trinket prices have been reduced by 50% to 450 points.

7/29/18 - Dungeon Page Overhaul & Other Updates:
The Dungeon page has had a complete makeover! Multiple types of content can now be viewed from this page including current and previous Best in Slot gear, Sets (both group and solo forms), Augment Dungeons and Orb Dungeons. By clicking the View Items button, you can view every item obtainable from that quest or dungeon, along with any notes or tips that may apply. You can also click the name or image of the quest giver to teleport to them.

We have also made a couple of minor changes:
-Mob requirements for the Metallurgy quest have been significantly reduced.
-Captchas have been slightly changed to fix a recent problem with them.

7/24/18 - New Slot - Skill Crests:
Say goodbye to equipping items to skill! The Skill Masters in the Underground Prison have devised a new way to focus your skills into new items called Skill Crests. Once each skill-tree specific crest is equipped, you will permanently have a +8 bonus for all skills in that tree (as long as the crest remains equipped), meaning you will no longer require skill orbs and pants to skill. Speak with the masters to exchange your skill-tree specific orbs and master pants for the new Skill Crest.

Stay tuned for more Skill Crest updates coming soon!

7/20/18 - Augment of Desecration & New Frenzy Stat:
Lvl 80+: Part 2 of the Augment of Corruption quest has been released! Players who have completed the Power Struggle quest can now speak with the Corrupt Prince to begin the quest The Betrayal to upgrade the Augment of Corruption to the new Augment of Desecration.

A new stat has been added as an extension of the Rampage stat called Frenzy. Similar to how Overkill works for Critical Strike, this new stat takes any Rampage past 100% and converts it into increased EXP stripped and gained in PvP. This includes increasing any other factors like brutality potions etc. You can track your Frenzy % on the Home page.


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