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Latest RaideR version: v4.3.7.5 ⇒ 05-10-2021 14:55
v4.3.7.5 ⇒ 05-10-2021 14:55
[f] Treasury - fixed buy and activate

[^] Treasury - added more info on what's bought, how much and what type of currency

v4.3.7.4 ⇒ 17-08-2021 10:22
[f] PvP - fixed getting attack link

[^] PvP - selecting tabs will refresh them

v4.3.7.3 ⇒ 05-08-2021 13:59
[+] Login - added external RGA Session ID login - might work, might log you out, still testing...

[f] PvP - fixed getting Crew Hitlist, Crew Members, Bounty, Personal Hitlist

v4.3.7.2 ⇒ 22-07-2021 13:29
[f] PvE - failed to get mob attack URL in some cases

v4.3.7.1 ⇒ 20-07-2021 06:08
[f] Mover - fixed Use Teleports option being ignored - always using teleports
[f] Quest - fixed int overflow on huge experience rewards on some quests

[^] Data - slimmed data for better performance - removed unused params
[^] Log - threaded it for better performance

v4.3.7.0 ⇒ 04-06-2021 13:33
[f] PvE - Fixed Questing, Mob Attacking and results
[f] WildeRness - Fixed Mob Attacking and results
[f] more stuff I forgot

v4.3.6.19 ⇒ 03-06-2021 18:24
[f] Quests - Get Character Quests

[f] Spotting - Room fixed
[f] Spotting - Server fixed

[f] Skills - List ?fixed? - needs more testing, casting needs testing

[f] Raids - Raiding ?fixed? - needs more testing
[f] Raids - Lists - Server, Boss, Room, Formed - fixed display

[f] Inventory - Get Backpack items - all - fixed
[f] Inventory - Actions Equip, Vault - fixed
[f] Inventory - ?Activate? - needs more testing
[f] Inventory - ?Cast Potion? - needs more testing

v4.3.6.18 ⇒ 03-04-2021 08:51
[f] Security Answer was in plain text on first display
[f] Updated Mobs - new mobs weren't updated
[f] Updated Rooms - new rooms weren't updated in some cases
[f] UI issues - some might reappear

[^] ClickToAuth - Moved click to auth to open in Default Browser as internal browser is deprecated
[^] Optimizations - Image was not used for Gods

v4.3.6.17 ⇒ 20-03-2021 16:57
[f] PvE - Restarting - when rage is too low and if there aren't any options to refil rage, force Restart On Hour Change if time is shorter
[f] Character Info - Active Effects not showing Non-Skill effects
[f] Data Gather Update - mobs weren't updating in some situations

v4.3.6.16 ⇒ 17-02-2021 15:08
[+] Character Info - added Active Effects tab

[f] PvE - Restart on Circumspect wasn't taken into account :(
[f] PvE - Attack room could have been skipped if failed on one of the rooms...
[f] SkilleR - Casting Skill was ignore in some conditions (no equipment, low level, failed previous skill cast)

[*] VS fucked up, might have messed up UI and functionality, FU VS

v4.3.6.15 ⇒ 12-02-2021 19:58
[f] PvE - Re/Start on Circumspect wasn't calculating correctly
[f] PvE - Cast Circumspect option now follows the whole skilling flow (unequip and equip items)
[f] PvE - UI issues

[^] Log - set pop-up to show only for Critical and Error messages and decreased importance of Tokens collection

v4.3.6.14 ⇒ 08-02-2021 09:20
[+] PvE - Start on Hour Change added
[+] Character Info - added Booster

[f] PvE - Start on Circumspect is now obeyed
[f] PvE - Cast Circumspect option is now obeyed
[f] Search and Filter - Fixed? crash when searching from Character Info and Main lists not appearing anymore

[^] Character Info - updated layout
[^] Misc Fixes, Optimizations and Improvements

v4.3.6.11 ⇒ 03-08-2020 09:44
[f] PvE - Fixed aquiring new Quest that has Condition(s) on first step - it was starting the condition before accepting the quest

v4.3.6.10 ⇒ 02-05-2020 09:56
[f] Collect Challenge tokens - crash when missing characters on server


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