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Change List

Latest RaideR version: v4.3.7.17 ⇒ 20-10-2023 15:53
v4.3.7.17 ⇒ 20-10-2023 15:35
[f] Raiding - Fixed joininig raidid needle

v4.3.7.16 ⇒ 18-08-2023 06:21
[f] PvE - Quest - failing talk to mob

v4.3.7.15 ⇒ 11-07-2022 14:51
[f] Raiding - fixed Formed tab not raiding formed Server Boss raids
[f] Raiding - fixed Forming and joining captha
[f] Spotting - fixed raiding dead gods in room loop
[f] Spotting - fixed checking god if dead on server and room
[f] Data - remove illegal [] characters from Gods arrays so it doesn't crash
[^] UI/X - small UI and UX improvements

v4.3.7.14 ⇒ 14-06-2022 15:52
[f] PvE - fixed crash on attackroom mob list changed

v4.3.7.13 ⇒ 11-06-2022 16:01
[+] Lists - middle click checks/unchecks all - USE WITH CARE, possibly lenghty operation
[^] PvE Restart - redid the restart logic for PvE, hopefuly it will behave as it should, including restarting on low rage
[f] PvE - fixed Groups NOT saving checked Mobs
[f] PvE - random error on attacking mobs with list changed
[f] Settings - failed to save dialog looped forever in specific conditions
[f] Login - crashing if the login failed
[f] CharacterInfo - item hover - fixed missing background and updated look

v4.3.7.12 ⇒ 15-02-2022 08:12
[+] PvE - /!\ added maximum Recharge the Fury potion casting - !not tested!
[+] PvE - /!\ added posibility of buy, raid as step condition - !not tested!
[f] PvE - /!\ casting Recharge the Fury double check and using new Activation logic - !not tested!
[^] Inventory - Activation logic changed

v4.3.7.11 ⇒ 04-01-2022 08:09
[f] Quest - Maglious - added another check for Lyricist Thief double space in name
[f] Data - Areas were not updated and saved/loaded
[f?] Data - Rooms were not saved/loaded correctly leading to missing rooms... and areas
[f] Login - fixed specific issues with login with email as RGA name

v4.3.7.7 - v4.3.7.10
[?f?] Login - ?fixed? specific issues with login with email as RGA name
[?f?] Data - Rooms were not saved/loaded correctly leading to missing rooms... and areas

v4.3.7.7 ⇒ 22-11-2021 18:54
[f] Login - ?fixed? specific issues with login with email as RGA name
[+] Skiller - added Potions list - will save changed and can be reverted

v4.3.7.6 ⇒ 06-11-2021 09:08
[+] Captcha - enabled resize image
[+] Captcha - added black & white filter option - major increase in readability
[+] Captcha - added invert colors - ...inverts the image colors...
[+] Mover - added option to use teleporting - default: true
[+] Characters Export - as Excel .csv format and XML
[^] Manager - Characters Create updated texts for character class properties

v4.3.7.5 ⇒ 05-10-2021 14:55
[f] Treasury - fixed buy and activate
[^] Treasury - added more info on what's bought, how much and what type of currency

v4.3.7.4 ⇒ 17-08-2021 10:22
[f] PvP - fixed getting attack link
[^] PvP - selecting tabs will refresh them

v4.3.7.3 ⇒ 05-08-2021 13:59
[+] Login - added external RGA Session ID login - might work, might log you out, still testing...
[f] PvP - fixed getting Crew Hitlist, Crew Members, Bounty, Personal Hitlist

v4.3.7.2 ⇒ 22-07-2021 13:29
[f] PvE - failed to get mob attack URL in some cases

v4.3.7.1 ⇒ 20-07-2021 06:08
[f] Mover - fixed Use Teleports option being ignored - always using teleports
[f] Quest - fixed int overflow on huge experience rewards on some quests
[^] Data - slimmed data for better performance - removed unused params
[^] Log - threaded it for better performance

v4.3.7.0 ⇒ 04-06-2021 13:33
[f] PvE - Fixed Questing, Mob Attacking and results
[f] WildeRness - Fixed Mob Attacking and results
[f] more stuff I forgot


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