Outwar Gods

10 Man

Kro Shuk, Doomslayer

5 Man

Ganja the Stone Golem
Lord Sibannac
Smoot the Yeti
Bloodchill the Grizzly
Ag Nabak the Abomination

All Potions

Ebliss, Fallen Angel of Despair
Brutalitar, Lord of the Underworld
Dreg nor, Keeper of the Infernal Essence
King Ashnar, Lord of the Unliving
Nar Zhul, Slayer of All


The Elexocutioner
Conductor of Fire
Demonic Barbarian


The Emerald Assassin
Samatha Dark-Soul

Caverns EXP Raids

Varsanor, Master of Darkness
Grivvek, Protector of the Brood
Crantos, Defender of Ultimation


Emperor Neudeus, Controller of the Universe
Slashbrood, Devourer of the Blackness
Howldroid, Tormentor of the Pit
Hackerphage, Protector of the Gateway
Numerocure, The Black Messenger of Evil
Lady Chaos, Queen of the Abyss
Melt Bane, The Forbidden Demon Dragon
Freezebreed, The Frozen Manipulator
Baron Mu, Dark Rider of the Undead
Rotborn, Eater of the Dead


Nuclear Abomination
Alien Warfare Commander
Incredible Hulker

Divided Planes

Kretok, Descendant of Nature
Felroc, Overseer of Hellfire
Karvaz, Lord of Alsayic
Alsayic Behemoth

Elder Scroll

Anoix the Cerebral