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Gather Raid Boss Data

Add or Update data for God (drops, attack, hp, etc.) from a Raid ID

RGA Name
Room # Level

Gather Item Data

Add or Update data for Item from an Item ID

RGA Name

Add Cauldron Recipe

Add a Cauldron Recipe

RGA Name
Recipe Name
Prepare Method


  • HowTo: Set IRC Name, Set #channel(s) to join, Add hostname (/whois nickname - the part after the @) to owners hostname, private message the bot with commands.
  • Announces events on Private Message or/and IRC #channel
  • Commands: [help] [nick] [join] [part] [disconnect] [msg] [tf] [status] [group] [login] [logout] [cast] [spotting] [raid] [characters] [mover] [die] [pccontrol]
  • help - Displays a List of Commands
  • help CommandName - Displays subcomands for CommandName
Program crashes on start
  • Be sure all instances of the program are closed
  • Uninstall the program
  • Go to %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\ where you find randomly named folders, go inside them and remove any "rede...ExtraRandomCharacters" folders you find
Data Errors / Can't Get Data