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Price: 11 EUR/month via ayPal. You can select the number of months at checkout.
An email confirmation will be sent on your ayPal email address after processing the request, usually under 10 minutes. NOTE: e-checks take from 3 to 5 days to be cleared.

By default the version will have a 1 day Premium access for testing after which it will remain as Free version.


WARNING: DOES NOT AUTO-SOLVE CAPTCHAs, world hunger or find your missing keys!
If the program crashes on start
  • Be sure all instances of the program are closed
  • Uninstall the program
  • Go to "%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\" there are randomly named folders, go inside them and remove any "rede...ExtraRandomCharacters" folders you find
  • or Contact us

News & Change List

Redefined - Redefined_ManagR News
-= News =- ⇒ Merged all apps into ManageR
⇒ Updated Time Frame and Gods Info

Known Issues ⇒ Outwar's 'BossRaids WaitTime - Set random seconds to wait, on both min and max, to 60 or whatever Outwar decides to be
⇒ Characters get unchecked after moving/raiding ⇒ Not an Issue: SAVE GROUP(S)

ChangeList Latest:v4.3.3.10 ⇒ 06.08.2019 14:19

v4.3.3.10 ⇒ 06.08.2019 14:19
[f] Possible crash in PvE Log

v4.3.3.9 ⇒ 05.08.2019 07:47
[^] Optimized Spotting - should be faster and non blocking now
[^] Optimized Raiding - should be faster and non blocking now

v4.3.3.8 ⇒ 02.08.2019 19:12
[f] Tuned and fixed some issues with Auto Move - Auto Raid
[^] Optimized Spotting - should be faster and non blocking now
[^] Offer to open Support web page if the app crashes
[+] Added Chaos Gem to Character Info and Inventory

v4.3.3.7 ⇒ 26.06.2019 19:39
[f] (possible) ReRaid - failing
[f] Get Raid Results - failing on weird numbers
[f] Some failures on getting data

v4.3.3.6 ⇒ 24.06.2019 17:42
[f] Rage check on forming was broken

v4.3.3.5 ⇒ 03.04.2019 19:01
[f] Captcha Raids Inner Browser
[f] again - HTTPS option (default:enabled) as protocol - click to change enabled - manually set now...

v4.3.3.4 ⇒ 24.03.2019 18:11
[f] Fixed RGA Login

v4.3.3.3 ⇒ 17.02.2019 20:31
[+] Added Get Challenge Tokens option
[+] PvE Log - should now show quest name and step if there is a quest in progress
[+] Error management - PvE added Generic error check
[^] UI fixes
[f] Outwar errors
[f] Timeframe errors ⇒ 23.01.2019 18:58
[+] Error management - log out on room explore error
[+] Error management - added specific retry for "Rate limit exceeded"

v4.3.3.0 / v4.3.3.1 ⇒ 15.01.2019 20:04
[^] Redid some UI parts

v4.3.2.10 ⇒ 11.01.2019 19:37
[+] PvE - Manually Change Step Number from Character Info

v4.3.2.9 ⇒ 08.12.2018 16:53
[+] Added poor man's Item Trader and Transfer
[^] Manager - added tabs which will make it easier to add features and easier on the eyes
[^] Entity added - classes structure changed - it will crash or redownload/recalculate everything!

v4.3.2.8 ⇒ 07.12.2018 21:47
[f] Logged out check not triggering
[^] PvE - updated step condition types
[f] PvE - fixed group initial crash
[f] PvE - fixed crash on missing step message

v4.3.2.7 ⇒ 20.11.2018 20:46

v4.3.2.6 ⇒ 19.11.2018 19:02
[-] PvE removed rooms - making app lag and it's useless
[f] PvE not displaying rewards
[f] PvE not getting correct Quest Step Conditions

v4.3.2.4 ⇒ 15.11.2018 19:46
[+] Checking a character gets its stats
[^] When pressing save button it will save ALL Groups and ALL Settings
[f] PvE not attacking mobs
[f] HTTPS option (default:enabled) as protocol - click to change enabled

v4.3.2.3 ⇒ 06.11.2018 21:39
[f] Silent Crashes on bad data received from server - should now show error
[+] Added HTTPS option (default:enabled) as protocol

v4.3.2.2 ⇒ 16.09.2018 16:49
[f] Login randomly showing erroneous user, not the actual logged in user
[^] Raiding Captcha (App Browser Only) autoselect input text - just start typing
[^] Raiding Captcha (App Browser Only) autoclose error - just start typing... again

v4.3.2.1 ⇒ 16.09.2018 14:52
[f] Captcha detection now works... again...
[f] Crash if there are no accounts in login
[f] RGA Login - both auto and manual now works
[f] Not triggering Logged out error when user is logged out of outwar
[f] Spotting now changing god status properly and consistent
[f] Show in App and Browser working only in Gods list - it works now in other lists (Server, Room, Chain, etc.)
[f] Removed spamming pop-ups on some moving errors in specific case
[^] Spotting now removes dead gods from list
[^] Tons of fixes and updates triggered by outwar's changes

v4.3.2.0 ⇒ 15.09.2018 19:42
[f] Spotting issues added in previous version
[f] Data download failing in certain conditions IRC by