All In [11 EUR/month]
Manager: Character Trader and Transfer; Character viewer and manager, personal vault and equipment; Crew vault, invites, hitlist; Teleporters; Treasury Manager;...and more...

Raider: Spotting; Server, Boss, Chain / Sets raids; Inbuild Captcha with failsafe to Generic; AutoMove; AutoCast SiN; Former SmartSwitch; Auto Award or Drop Crew Vault... and more...

PvE: Quest runner; Auto-equip quest rewarded items; Create Quest lists; Attack Areas, Mobs;Start on Circumspect, hour change... and more...

PvP: Attack list from Crew Hitlist, Specific Crew, Bounty list; Use Brutality Potions, Set Rage and number of Attacks per Run, limited Runs... and more...


Not being able to Install or Start the applicaiton is likely to be a problem with the ClickOnce Application Cache. In order to clear the cache try the following steps which work most of the time, also make sure you run the installer with admin privileges.

Be sure all instances of the program are closed by killing all Redefined_ManagR processes in Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc)
Uninstall the program
  • Hold down the Windows Key and R
  • Type or Copy appwiz.cpl in the run dialog and hit Enter
  • Then try uninstalling the application

Clear Cache method
  • Hold down the Windows Key and R
  • Type or Copy rundll32 %SystemRoot%\system32\dfshim.dll CleanOnlineAppCache in the run dialog and hit Enter
  • Then try installing the application making sure you run the installer with admin privileges

Delete the ClickOnce Application folder
  • Hold down the Windows Key and R
  • Type or Copy %LocalAppData%\Apps\2.0 OR %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Apps\2.0 in the run dialog and hit Enter
  • Go inside all folders in there and remove any "rede...+ExtraRandomCharacters" folders you find e.g.: \GNR52N2B.H94 \0P3OXG7D.G79 \rede...exe_4dc51647e5727c27_0004 \Data \CHEXPMAZ.BCN \HN3LP39Z.KCR \rede..tion_4dc51647e5727c27_0004
Check Windows Application Event Log
Check Windows Application Event Log
  • Hold down the Windows Key and press R
  • Type or Copy eventvwr in the run dialog and hit Enter
  • Select Windows Logs - Application
  • Look for Redefined_ManagR
Latest ManageR version: v4.3.6.5 ⇒ 26-01-2020 09:00
[f] Skiller - Fix crash when error dialog pops-up stopping ALL skilling

[^] Skiller - Added "God Slayer" to ignore max level for now
[^] Skiller - Level Warning setting status will now be saved
[^] Generic - Changed AutoSave Characters option's default to enabled

v4.3.6.4 ⇒ 25-01-2020 16:54
[+] Skiller - Added Skill Groups - prepping for PvE / Raids integration
[+] Character Info - Added current PvE Quests list - prepping for PvE integration
[+] Manager - Added Trade by Character Name
[+] Generic - Character Filter is now Saved and Loaded
[+] Generic - Do NOT Remove Last or Default Group

[f] Skiller - Fixed freeze when error dialog pops-up
[f] Skiller - Fix for freeze when no character can be skilled - pop-up error remained in background
[f] Manager - Trade by Character ID didn't take the Character ID into consideration
[f] Manager - Saving now doesn't save location and size while Maximized

[^] /!\ Generic - Reworked Save System to not overwrite and not autosave anymore, etc. - issues might appear with saving, let me know if you find something
[^] /!\ Saving - Added AutoSave Characters options (default: disabled) due to performance issues with multiple characters...
[^] Skiller - Reworked UI
[^] Manager - Collecting Challenge tokens - will not auto-change tab to scheduler
[^] UI optimizations and feedback improvements
[^] Optimizations and Improvements

[?] Many other changes

v4.3.6.3 ⇒ 06-01-2020 21:18
[+] Generic - Added Unload button which only unloads RGA and doesn't logout of OW
[+] Generic - Added Save Settings confirmation on Exit
[f] Manager - Trustee - Fixed Trustee Remove from Character list crash: Object reference not set to an instance of an object...
[f] Manager - Cauldron - Fixed Cauldron "Potion of ..." recipes missing ingredients
[f] PvE - Fixed "...can't find who drops ..." error showing step number instead of item name
[f] Generic - Fixed crashes on exit
[f] UI - fixed several UI fuckups
[^] Manager - Collecting Challenge tokens - schedule next token get in ~24 hours after successful collection
[^] UI - added quest name and step id on quest steps lists
[^] UI - added cauldron recipe ingredients list and button text as recipe type

v4.3.6.2 ⇒ 08-12-2019 17:18
[f] Scheduler - Fixed crash: Object reference not set to an instance of an object...

v4.3.6.1 ⇒ 01-12-2019 15:26
[f] Generic - ?Fixed crash: Cannot bind to the property or column...
[f] Raider - ?Fixed crash: Unable to cast object of type...
[f] Character Info - ?Fixed crash: Object reference not set to an instance of an object...
[^] Wilderness - Major overhaul - updates in progress - Status Tab and Added new Settings and Log
[^] PvE - added an extra checkbox to Spawn Rare Mobs
[^] PvE - attacking Rare mobs set to ignore filters in Rare mob is in room...
[^] PvE - removed coloring on Mobs, Areas and Quests lists
[^] UI optimizations and feedback improvements
[^] Optimizations and Improvements

v4.3.6.0 ⇒ 25-11-2019 21:35
[f] PvE - Fixed crash: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values...
[^] PvE - attacking Rare mobs set to ignore filters in Rare mob is in room... WIP

v4.3.5.9 ⇒ 18-11-2019 20:44
[f] Manager - getting challenge tokens failing to add to schedule
[f] Manager - getting challenge tokens schedule start failing - crashed on start
[f] PvE - AutoEquip now attempts to equip previous and next step rewards also...

v4.3.5.8 ⇒ 16-11-2019 10:27
[f] PvE - Fixed issues in "Maglious Demise" quest @Steps #FUOW
[f] Main - Inventory - Teleporters gathering fixed
[^] Character Info - no confirmation for starting quest
[^] PvE - check equipable after each mob talk

v4.3.5.7 ⇒ 09-11-2019 07:18
[f] Main - Inventory - skill gathering fixed
[f] PvE - Starting and Stopping PvEs blocking UI
[^] Raider - Max Minutes to Raid can now be bigger than 1440 minutes
[^] Main - Inventory Reworked - optimizations on fetching items
[^] Character Info - now remembers Size and Location
[+] Character Info - can stop PvE from Character info

v4.3.5.6 ⇒ 31-10-2019 20:34
[f] PvE - Fixed issues with not updating current step in some cases
[f] Manager - Creating Characters fixed...
[^] Main - Reset Settings should restart the app
[^] Manager - On Login start getting challenge tokens

v4.3.5.5 ⇒ 27-10-2019 19:55
[f] PvE - Fixed issues in "Protection of the City" quest @Step19
[f] PvE - Fixed infinite loop on some Out of Rage cases ("rageboost")
[f] PvE - ?Fixed some Out of Rage restarting on time interval and not hour change
[f] Manager - Fixed Teleporters not being taken into account (e.g.: Kix Teleporter)
[f] Manager - Optimized character Inventory manager
[^] Manager - Get Challenge tokens failing
[^] Main - RGA Login button always enabled
[^] PvE - AutoEquip - added extra check and "Snooks" quest

v4.3.5.4 ⇒ 20-10-2019 17:50
[†] PvE - Major Modifications because some quests aren't displayed in log (e.g.: Snooks) #FUOW
[+] PvE - added Maximum Losses setting
[+] Raider - NEW Captcha window
[f] PvE - Fixed not terminating PvE quest on last step directly
[f] PvE - Fixed not terminating PvE session when there are no quests left to do
[f] Menu - Fixed Settings - Set Usable Teleporters not moving to correct tab
[f] Teleporters - Fixed Teleporters not updating when required
[f] Raider - Captcha window was outside the screen?
[f] Raider - Former not changing with the selected former
[f] Raider - Fixed Spotting not calculating dead gods
[f] UI dialog buttons position
[^] PvE - Added search to PvE Sessions
[^] PvE - Added Current Quest to PvE Sessions
[^] Raider - Captcha window can be closed by pressing Esc
[^] Character Info - added number of items for backpack categories
[^] Manager - Get Challenge tokens - Schedules if already taken and only one char used to get them

v4.3.5.3 ⇒ 07-10-2019 15:58
[+] Added Teleporters tab in Manager so they can be disabled
[f] RGA Login should be fixed... again...
[f] UI getting messed up during save settings
[f] PvE - Fixed issues in "The Eyes of Burn" quest @Step84 "Sanitia Sorum: 0/1 killed"
[f] PvE - Fixed issues in "Maglious Demise" quest @Step109/83 #FUOW
[^] Added AutoLogin confirmation dialog
[^] UI optimizations and feedback improvements
[^] Optimizations and Improvements

v4.3.5.2 ⇒ 29-09-2019 14:55
[f] Inventory - fixed not getting item if more than one, e.g.: Kix Teleporter (69)
[f] PvE - Stop PvE wasn't stopping Talking to Mob
[f] PvE - Group now loads Quest list in correct order
[f] PvE - Stop Move option not enabling correctly
[f] PvE - Fixed issues in "Maglious Demise" quest @Step109 #FUOW
[^] PvE - Quest Chain now displays the number of quests and tab tooltip shows quest names
[^] Character Info - Removed menu options filtering (equip, activate, etc.)
[^] Character Info - Removed resize restriction

v4.3.5.1 ⇒ 23-09-2019 19:21
[f] PvE - Fixed Stop or Skip Quest where Quest Giver not talking
[f] PvE - Fixed fuckup not counting correct Condition in some cases
[f] Character Info - Fixed MORE UI fuckups and freezes
[^] PvE - Using default pipeline after finishing run
[^] PvE - Now forcing a default timer if Repeat Interval not set with using pipeline

v4.3.5.0 ⇒ 22-09-2019 18:31
[f] Fixed UI fuckups
[^] Certificate + 100 years