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WARNING: DOES NOT AUTO-SOLVE CAPTCHAs, world hunger or find your missing keys!
If the program crashes on start
  • Be sure all instances of the program are closed
  • Uninstall the program
  • Go to "%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\" there are randomly named folders, go inside them and remove any "rede...ExtraRandomCharacters" folders you find
  • or Contact us

News & Change List

Redefined - Redefined_ManagR News
-= News =- ⇒ Merged all apps into ManageR
⇒ Updated Time Frame and Gods Info

Known Issues ⇒ Outwar's 'BossRaids WaitTime - Set random seconds to wait, on both min and max, to 60 or whatever Outwar decides to be
⇒ Characters get unchecked after moving/raiding ⇒ Not an Issue: SAVE GROUP(S)

ChangeList Latest:v4.3.3.3 ⇒ 17.02.2019 20:31

v4.3.3.3 ⇒ 17.02.2019 20:31
[+] Added Get Challenge Tokens option
[+] PvE Log - should now show quest name and step if there is a quest in progress
[+] Error management - PvE added Generic error check
[^] UI fixes
[f] Outwar errors
[f] Timeframe errors ⇒ 23.01.2019 18:58
[+] Error management - log out on room explore error
[+] Error management - added specific retry for "Rate limit exceeded"

v4.3.3.0 / v4.3.3.1 ⇒ 15.01.2019 20:04
[^] Redid some UI parts

v4.3.2.10 ⇒ 11.01.2019 19:37
[+] PvE - Manually Change Step Number from Character Info

v4.3.2.9 ⇒ 08.12.2018 16:53
[+] Added poor man's Item Trader and Transfer
[^] Manager - added tabs which will make it easier to add features and easier on the eyes
[^] Entity added - classes structure changed - it will crash or redownload/recalculate everything!

v4.3.2.8 ⇒ 07.12.2018 21:47
[f] Logged out check not triggering
[^] PvE - updated step condition types
[f] PvE - fixed group initial crash
[f] PvE - fixed crash on missing step message

v4.3.2.7 ⇒ 20.11.2018 20:46

v4.3.2.6 ⇒ 19.11.2018 19:02
[-] PvE removed rooms - making app lag and it's useless
[f] PvE not displaying rewards
[f] PvE not getting correct Quest Step Conditions

v4.3.2.4 ⇒ 15.11.2018 19:46
[+] Checking a character gets its stats
[^] When pressing save button it will save ALL Groups and ALL Settings
[f] PvE not attacking mobs
[f] HTTPS option (default:enabled) as protocol - click to change enabled

v4.3.2.3 ⇒ 06.11.2018 21:39
[f] Silent Crashes on bad data received from server - should now show error
[+] Added HTTPS option (default:enabled) as protocol

v4.3.2.2 ⇒ 16.09.2018 16:49
[f] Login randomly showing erroneous user, not the actual logged in user
[^] Raiding Captcha (App Browser Only) autoselect input text - just start typing
[^] Raiding Captcha (App Browser Only) autoclose error - just start typing... again

v4.3.2.1 ⇒ 16.09.2018 14:52
[f] Captcha detection now works... again...
[f] Crash if there are no accounts in login
[f] RGA Login - both auto and manual now works
[f] Not triggering Logged out error when user is logged out of outwar
[f] Spotting now changing god status properly and consistent
[f] Show in App and Browser working only in Gods list - it works now in other lists (Server, Room, Chain, etc.)
[f] Removed spamming pop-ups on some moving errors in specific case
[^] Spotting now removes dead gods from list
[^] Tons of fixes and updates triggered by outwar's changes

v4.3.2.0 ⇒ 15.09.2018 19:42
[f] Spotting issues added in previous version
[f] Data download failing in certain conditions IRC by