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Alsayic Dungeon

City of Eternal Star

Because i say so Bumps in the Night City Souls Cold Steel Shank Colored Souls Darker Then Dark Don't Drop the Soap Entrance to the Compound EXP Quest of Atrocities EXP Quest of Atrocities (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Borders EXP Quest of Borders (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Brotherhood EXP Quest of Brotherhood (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Clues EXP Quest of Clues (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Conquest EXP Quest of Conquest (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Dark Energy EXP Quest of Dark Energy (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Darkness EXP Quest of Darkness (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Dupes EXP Quest of Dupes (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Farnoll EXP Quest of Farnoll (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Gangs EXP Quest of Gangs (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Hope EXP Quest of Hope (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Lunacy EXP Quest of Lunacy (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Pandemics EXP Quest of Pandemics (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Politics EXP Quest of Politics (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Psionics EXP Quest of Psionics (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Reckoning EXP Quest of Reckoning (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Reclamation EXP Quest of Reclamation (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Shields EXP Quest of Shields (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Skulls EXP Quest of Skulls (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Tardin EXP Quest of Tardin (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of the Hit EXP Quest of the Hit (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of the March EXP Quest of the March (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of the Road Raiders EXP Quest of the Road Raiders (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Time EXP Quest of Time (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Valor EXP Quest of Valor (Quest Shard) Exp Quest of Visions EXP Quest of Visions (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Waste EXP Quest of Waste (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Winds EXP Quest of Winds (Quest Shard) Family Soup Find my Chest Fired Up Forest Souls Holiness from Above Improving the Finances Improving the Finances (Quest Shard) Intelligent Toys Loner Travel Minimizing the Threat Minimizing the Threat (Quest Shard) More City Souls More City Souls (Quest Shard) Oh That Supervisor Please Save Him Protection of the City Reactor....Fail Resisting The Arcane Power Returning to the Suburbs Returning to the Suburbs (Quest Shard) Revival of the Band Save Princess Lay Ya Save the Eternal Star Seats in the Senate Self-obsessed Supplying the Alliance Supplying the Alliance (Quest Shard) The Elite Among Us The Force Field The Golden Leaf The Safety of Research The Safety of Research (Quest Shard) Toys for the children Tycloth (Quest Shard) Weary Warehouse Blues When Darkness Comes Around When the lights...go the parking lot Wheres the Spice?

Gladiator Arena

Slayer Realm

Throne of Sorcery


A Bounty License? Arkrons Collector Augment Astral Training Biology of the Boss Border Migration Bronze Participation (Belt) Bronze Participation (Boots) Bronze Participation (Core) Bronze Participation (Legs) Bronze Participation (Ring) Change Who You Once Were Cleansing the Church (Dungeon) Electric Guitar Elemental Calamity Entering the Rift Fabar Relic Fight For The Valley Fragment Experience Gates of Wonderland Gem of Arkron Gold Challenge 5 Gold Participation (Belt) Gold Participation (Boots) Gold Participation (Chest) Gold Participation (Core) Gold Participation (Helm) Gold Participation (Legs) Gold Participation (Neck) Gold Participation (Ring) Gold Participation (Shield) Gold Participation (Weapon) Hate Kills Invitations Land of the Dying Lorren Collection 1 Lorren Collection 2 Lorren Collection 3 No Excavation Offing The Family One Pill Makes You Larger One Pill Makes You Smaller Potion of Amdir Preserved Aegis Quiver Relic Rancid Relic Reikar Collection 1 Reikar Collection 2 Reikar Collection 3 Revisit Holiness Saint Nick's Candy Canes Silver Participation (Belt) Silver Participation (Boots) Silver Participation (Chest) Silver Participation (Core) Silver Participation (Helm) Silver Participation (Legs) Silver Participation (Neck) Silver Participation (Ring) Silver Participation (Shield) Silver Participation (Weapon) Slay the Beasts Spectral Grove (Rage) Street Crawler Attack The Breeding Pit Hiricho The Merging of Realms The Return of Zordra The Trial of Power Trial Insignia EXP Trial of Crusaders Warboots of Arkron Zimbob Relic Archuv Reputation 2 Archuv Reputation 3 Dione Reputation 1 Dione Reputation 2 Normok Reputation 1 Normok Reputation 2 Badge Refinement Fuser Exchange (Marsh Water) Fuser Exchange (Evil Scream) Fuser Exchange (Holy Vile) Fuser Exchange (Rampage Vile) Gladiator Titan Augment Hasteful Crusade (8-Bit) Augment of Zerx Exalted Diamond Fragment Upgrade Exalted Fragment Thunder Mage (Sandals) Thunder Mage (Band) Thunder Mage (Trousers) Thunder Mage (Clasp) Thunder Mage (Forcefield) Thunder Mage (Robe) Thunder Mage (Core) Thunder Mage (Mask) Thunder Mage (Pendant) Thunder Mage (Staff) Infinite Trial Infinite Tower Floor 30 Infinite Tower Floor 29 Infinite Tower Floor 28 Infinite Tower Floor 27 Infinite Tower Floor 26 Infinite Tower Floor 25 Infinite Tower Floor 24 Infinite Tower Floor 23 Infinite Tower Floor 22 Infinite Tower Floor 21 Infinite Tower Floor 20 Infinite Tower Floor 19 Infinite Tower Floor 18 Infinite Tower Floor 17 Infinite Tower Floor 16 Infinite Tower Floor 15 Infinite Tower Floor 14 Infinite Tower Floor 13 Infinite Tower Floor 12 Infinite Tower Floor 11 Infinite Tower Floor 10 Infinite Tower Floor 9 Infinite Tower Floor 8 Infinite Tower Floor 7 Infinite Tower Floor 6 Infinite Tower Floor 5 Infinite Tower Floor 4 Infinite Tower Floor 3 Infinite Tower Floor 2 Infinite Tower Floor 1 Gladiator Exchange (Zombie Potions) Gladiator Exchange (Defense Orb) Gladiator Exchange (Assault Orb) Gladiator Exchange (Vigor Orb) Gladiator Exchange (Concoction) Gladiator Exchange (Fury) Gladiator Exchange (Augment) Mythic Sword of Legends Hasteful Crusade (Scally) Perfectionist Token Augment of Perfection Badge of Absolution Sanctum Augment (Rank 20) Sanctum Augment (Rank 15) Sanctum Augment (Rank 10) Sanctum Augment (Rank 5) Roelor Reputation 11 Archuv Reputation 1 Feran Reputation 1 Feran Reputation 2 Feran Reputation 3 Feran Reputation 4 Feran Reputation 5 Feran Reputation 6 Roelor Reputation 2 Roelor Reputation 3 Jainel Reputation 1 Jainel Reputation 2 Jainel Reputation 3 Jainel Reputation 4 Jainel Reputation 5 Jainel Reputation 6 Jainel Reputation 7 Jainel Reputation 8 Jainel Reputation 9 Roelor Reputation 7 Roelor Reputation 6 Roelor Reputation 8 Roelor Reputation 9 Roelor Reputation 10 God Slayer - Q-SEC (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Varsanor (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Grivvek (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Crantos (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Kretok (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Felroc (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Karvaz (Kill Confirmed) Q-SEC Artifact Exchange Varsanor Artifact Exchange Grivvek Artifact Exchange Crantos Artifact Exchange Kretok Artifact Exchange Felroc Artifact Exchange Karvaz Artifact Exchange God Slayer - Sarcrina God Slayer - Ancient Magus Tarkin God Slayer - Jorun God Slayer - Volgan God Slayer - Zikkir God Slayer - Sarcrina (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Ancient Magus Tarkin (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Jorun (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Volgan (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Zikkir (Kill Confirmed) Sarcrina Artifact Exchange Tarkin Artifact Exchange Jorun Artifact Exchange Volgan Artifact Exchange Zikkir Artifact Exchange God Slayer - Amalgamated Apparition God Slayer - Nayark God Slayer - Akkel God Slayer - Keeper of Nature God Slayer - Archdevil Yirkon God Slayer - Amalgamated Apparition (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Nayark (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Akkel (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Keeper of Nature (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Archdevil Yirkon (Kill Confirmed) Amalgamated Apparition Artifact Exchange Nayark Artifact Exchange Akkel Artifact Exchange Keeper of Nature Artifact Exchange Yirkon Artifact Exchange God Slayer - Bolkor God Slayer - Xynak God Slayer - Crolvak God Slayer - Esquin God Slayer - Raiyar God Slayer - Nafir Bolkor Artifact Exchange Xynak Artifact Exchange Crolvak Artifact Exchange Esquin Artifact Exchange Raiyar Artifact Exchange Nafir Artifact Exchange Drolba Tonics Roelor Reputation 1 Yorron Reputation 1 Yorron Reputation 2 God Slayer - Pinosis (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Shadow (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Tsort (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Lord Xordam (Kill Confirmed) Crane Artifact Exchange Gnorb Artifact Exchange Nessam Artifact Exchange Pinosis Artifact Exchange Shadow Artifact Exchange Tsort Artifact Exchange Xordam Artifact Exchange God Slayer - Emperor Neudeus God Slayer - Slashbrood God Slayer - Howldroid God Slayer - Hackerphage God Slayer - Numerocure God Slayer - Lady Chaos God Slayer - Rotborn God Slayer - Melt Bane God Slayer - Baron Mu God Slayer - Freezebreed God Slayer - Emperor Neudeus (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Slashbrood (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Howldroid (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Hackerphage (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Numerocure (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Lady Chaos (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Rotborn (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Melt Bane (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Baron Mu (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Freezebreed (Kill Confirmed) Emperor Neudeus Artifact Exchange Slashbrood Artifact Exchange Howldroid Artifact Exchange Hackerphage Artifact Exchange Numerocure Artifact Exchange Lady Chaos Artifact Exchange Rotborn Artifact Exchange Melt Bane Artifact Exchange Baron Mu Artifact Exchange Freezebreed Artifact Exchange God Slayer - Sylvanna God Slayer - Lacuste God Slayer - Anvilfist God Slayer - Gorganus God Slayer - Ormsul God Slayer - Drake God Slayer - Animated Captain God Slayer - Beast of Cards God Slayer - Noxious God Slayer - Jade Dragonite God Slayer - Sylvanna (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Lacuste (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Anvilfist (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Gorganus (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Ormsul (Kill Confirmed)