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Hulking Inhibitor Feeble Inhibitor Secret Juicy Kebab Secret Hearty Stew Secret Meaty Pizza Veldarian Cuisine Chaotic Gemcutting Veldara Caves Veldara Woods Veldara Arena Veldara Cliffs Veldara Wastes Studying the Chaos A Worthy Ally Corruption Cleanup Winteros Cleanup Acirum Cleanup Underworld Cleanup Trial Insignia EXP (50) Augment of Fire Transcendence Augment of Arcane Transcendence Augment of Holy Transcendence Fuser Exchange (Rampage Vile) Fuser Exchange (Holy Vile) Fuser Exchange (Evil Scream) Fuser Exchange (Marsh Water) Deathbat Cleanup Badge Refinement Normok Reputation 2 Normok Reputation 1 Dione Reputation 2 Dione Reputation 1 Archuv Reputation 3 Archuv Reputation 2 Onslaught Crest of Affliction Violent Crest of Preservation Explosive Crest of Ferocity Quantum Crest of Class Excelled Crest of Affliction Excelled Crest of Preservation Excelled Crest of Ferocity Excelled Crest of Class Crest of Affliction Crest of Preservation Crest of Ferocity Crest of Class Gladiator Titan Augment Hasteful Crusade (8-Bit) Augment of Zerx The Betrayal Exalted Diamond Fragment Upgrade Exalted Fragment Aura EXP Thunder Mage (Sandals) Thunder Mage (Band) Thunder Mage (Trousers) Thunder Mage (Clasp) Thunder Mage (Forcefield) Thunder Mage (Robe) Thunder Mage (Staff) Thunder Mage (Pendant) Thunder Mage (Mask) Thunder Mage (Core) Power Struggle One Last Stand (Quest Shard) One Last Stand Corrupt Conduct (Quest Shard) Infinite Trial Corrupt Conduct Infinite Tower Floor 30 Infinite Tower Floor 29 Infinite Tower Floor 28 Infinite Tower Floor 27 Infinite Tower Floor 26 Infinite Tower Floor 25 Infinite Tower Floor 24 Infinite Tower Floor 23 Infinite Tower Floor 22 Infinite Tower Floor 21 Infinite Tower Floor 20 Infinite Tower Floor 19 Infinite Tower Floor 18 Infinite Tower Floor 17 Infinite Tower Floor 16 Infinite Tower Floor 15 Infinite Tower Floor 14 Infinite Tower Floor 13 Infinite Tower Floor 12 Infinite Tower Floor 11 Infinite Tower Floor 10 Infinite Tower Floor 9 Infinite Tower Floor 8 Infinite Tower Floor 7 Infinite Tower Floor 6 Infinite Tower Floor 5 Infinite Tower Floor 4 Infinite Tower Floor 3 Infinite Tower Floor 2 Infinite Tower Floor 1 Blazing Action (Quest Shard) Blazing Action Gladiator Admission Gladiator Exchange (Zombie Potions) Gladiator Exchange (Defense Orb) Gladiator Exchange (Assault Orb) Gladiator Exchange (Vigor Orb) Gladiator Exchange (Concoction) Gladiator Exchange (Fury) Gladiator Exchange (Augment) Corrupt Collectibles (Quest Shard) Corrupt Collectibles Mythic Sword of Legends The Power of Corruption Hasteful Crusade (Scally) Throne of Sorcery The Final Tier (Belt) Perfectionist Token Augment of Perfection Badge of Absolution Border Migration Sanctum Augment (Rank 20) Sanctum Augment (Rank 15) Sanctum Augment (Rank 10) Sanctum Augment (Rank 5) Roelor Reputation 11 Roelor Reputation 10 Roelor Reputation 9 Roelor Reputation 8 Clearing Winteros Roelor Reputation 6 Roelor Reputation 5 Roelor Reputation 7 Roelor Reputation 4 Blood Crystals Jainel Reputation 9 Jainel Reputation 8 Jainel Reputation 7 Jainel Reputation 6 Jainel Reputation 5 Jainel Reputation 4 Jainel Reputation 3 Jainel Reputation 2 Jainel Reputation 1 Wilker Reputation 6 Wilker Reputation 5 Wilker Reputation 3 Wilker Reputation 2 Aestor Reputation 5 Aestor Reputation 4 Roelor Reputation 3 Roelor Reputation 2 Feran Reputation 6 Feran Reputation 5 Feran Reputation 4 Feran Reputation 3 Feran Reputation 2 Feran Reputation 1 Archuv Reputation 1 Lushor Reputation 6 Lushor Reputation 5 Lushor Reputation 4 Lushor Reputation 3 Lushor Reputation 2 Lushor Reputation 1 Yorron Reputation 3 Yorron Reputation 2 Yorron Reputation 1 Roelor Reputation 1 Wilker Reputation 4 Wilker Reputation 1 Aestor Reputation 3 Aestor Reputation 2 Aestor Reputation 1 Virxen Reputation 2 Virxen Reputation 1 Berkaz Reputation 2 Berkaz Reputation 1 Drolba Tonics Badge Promotion Pumpkin Experience Preserved Aegis Valyrian Experience (Quest Shard) Valyrian Experience Defending Winteros (Quest Shard) Defending Winteros Gem of Arkron Warboots of Arkron Fortifying the Defense (Quest Shard) Fortifying the Defense Arkrons Collector Augment Trial Insignia EXP Trial of Crusaders The Trial of Power The Hunt for Supplies Nafir Artifact Exchange Raiyar Artifact Exchange Esquin Artifact Exchange Crolvak Artifact Exchange Xynak Artifact Exchange Bolkor Artifact Exchange God Slayer - Nafir God Slayer - Raiyar God Slayer - Esquin God Slayer - Crolvak God Slayer - Xynak God Slayer - Bolkor Yirkon Artifact Exchange Keeper of Nature Artifact Exchange Akkel Artifact Exchange Nayark Artifact Exchange Amalgamated Apparition Artifact Exchange God Slayer - Archdevil Yirkon (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Keeper of Nature (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Akkel (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Nayark (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Amalgamated Apparition (Kill Confirmed) Winter is Coming God Slayer - Archdevil Yirkon God Slayer - Keeper of Nature God Slayer - Akkel God Slayer - Nayark God Slayer - Amalgamated Apparition Zikkir Artifact Exchange Volgan Artifact Exchange Jorun Artifact Exchange Tarkin Artifact Exchange Sarcrina Artifact Exchange God Slayer - Zikkir (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Volgan (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Jorun (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Ancient Magus Tarkin (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Sarcrina (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Zikkir God Slayer - Volgan God Slayer - Jorun God Slayer - Ancient Magus Tarkin God Slayer - Sarcrina Karvaz Artifact Exchange Felroc Artifact Exchange Kretok Artifact Exchange Crantos Artifact Exchange Grivvek Artifact Exchange Varsanor Artifact Exchange Q-SEC Artifact Exchange God Slayer - Karvaz (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Felroc (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Kretok (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Crantos (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Grivvek (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Varsanor (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Q-SEC (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Karvaz God Slayer - Felroc God Slayer - Kretok God Slayer - Crantos God Slayer - Grivvek God Slayer - Varsanor God Slayer - Q-Sec Seeking Valyrian Power Exalted Challenge (Boots) Exalted Challenge (Ring) Exalted Challenge (Pants) Exalted Challenge (Belt) Exalted Challenge (Shield) Exalted Challenge (Chest) Exalted Challenge (Weapon) Exalted Challenge (Neck) Exalted Challenge (Helm) Exalted Challenge (Core) Perfect Challenge (Boots) Perfect Challenge (Ring) Perfect Challenge (Pants) Perfect Challenge (Belt) Perfect Challenge (Shield) Perfect Challenge (Chest) Perfect Challenge (Weapon) Perfect Challenge (Neck) Perfect Challenge (Helm) Perfect Challenge (Core) Jade Dragonite Artifact Exchange Noxious Artifact Exchange Beast of Cards Artifact Exchange Animated Captain Artifact Exchange Drake Artifact Exchange Ormsul Artifact Exchange Gorganus Artifact Exchange Anvilfist Artifact Exchange Lacuste Artifact Exchange Sylvanna Artifact Exchange God Slayer - Jade Dragonite (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Noxious (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Beast of Cards (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Animated Captain (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Drake (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Ormsul (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Gorganus (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Anvilfist (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Lacuste (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Sylvanna (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Jade Dragonite God Slayer - Noxious God Slayer - Beast of Cards God Slayer - Animated Captain God Slayer - Drake God Slayer - Ormsul God Slayer - Gorganus God Slayer - Anvilfist God Slayer - Lacuste God Slayer - Sylvanna Freezebreed Artifact Exchange Baron Mu Artifact Exchange Melt Bane Artifact Exchange Rotborn Artifact Exchange Lady Chaos Artifact Exchange Numerocure Artifact Exchange Hackerphage Artifact Exchange Howldroid Artifact Exchange Slashbrood Artifact Exchange Emperor Neudeus Artifact Exchange God Slayer - Freezebreed (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Baron Mu (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Melt Bane (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Rotborn (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Lady Chaos (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Numerocure (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Hackerphage (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Howldroid (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Slashbrood (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Emperor Neudeus (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Freezebreed God Slayer - Baron Mu God Slayer - Melt Bane God Slayer - Rotborn God Slayer - Lady Chaos God Slayer - Numerocure God Slayer - Hackerphage God Slayer - Howldroid God Slayer - Slashbrood God Slayer - Emperor Neudeus Xordam Artifact Exchange Tsort Artifact Exchange Shadow Artifact Exchange Pinosis Artifact Exchange Nessam Artifact Exchange Gnorb Artifact Exchange Crane Artifact Exchange God Slayer - Lord Xordam (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Tsort (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Shadow (Kill Confirmed) God Slayer - Pinosis (Kill Confirmed) Augments of Zhul Slayer Apprentice Acirum Purge Acirum Freedom (Quest Shard) Acirum Freedom Savior of Acirum (Quest Shard) Savior of Acirum Reikar Collection 3 Reikar Collection 2 Reikar Collection 1 Lucile Collection 3 Lucile Collection 2 Lucile Collection 1 Lorren Collection 3 Lorren Collection 2 Lorren Collection 1 Anjou Collection 3 Anjou Collection 2 Anjou Collection 1 The Siege on Acirum Augments of the Mind Helping the Highogre The Damned Land of the Free Mass Defender (Quest Shard) Mass Defender Underworld Hunt (Quest Shard) Underworld Hunt The Final Tier (Weapon) Path of the Affluent Warrior Path of the United Warrior Path of the Lone Warrior Land Down Under Potion of Amdir Supreme Augmentation Resplendent Elemental Rune Primal Elemental Rune Amplified Shadow Rune Amplified Kinetic Rune Amplified Fire Rune Amplified Arcane Rune Amplified Holy Rune Infused Shadow Rune Infused Kinetic Rune Infused Fire Rune Infused Arcane Rune Infused Holy Rune Basic Elemental Rune Elemental Fusers Ethereal Protection (Boots) Ethereal Protection (Ring) Ethereal Protection (Pants) Ethereal Protection (Belt) Ethereal Protection (Shield) Ethereal Protection (Chest) Ethereal Protection (Weapon) Ethereal Protection (Neck) Ethereal Protection (Helm) Ethereal Protection (Core) Astral Fortification Astral Augmentation Astral Training Entering the Rift Spectral Grove Summoning Shards Zhulian Augmentation Bronze Participation (Core) Bronze Participation Bronze Participation (Ring) Bronze Participation (Belt) Bronze Participation (Boots) Silver Participation (Core) Silver Participation Silver Participation (Ring) Silver Participation (Belt) Silver Participation (Boots) Gold Participation (Core) Gold Participation Gold Participation (Ring) Gold Participation (Belt) Gold Participation (Boots) Gold Participation (Weapon) Gold Participation (Chest) Gold Participation (Shield) Gold Participation (Neck) Gold Participation (Helm) Silver Participation (Weapon) Silver Participation (Chest) Silver Participation (Shield) Silver Participation (Neck) Silver Participation (Helm) Gold Challenge 5 Bronze Challenge 5 Bronze Challenge 4 Bronze Challenge 3 Bronze Challenge 2 Bronze Challenge 1 Master Brutality Potion The Graveyard Shift Quiver Relic Rancid Relic Zimbob Relic Fabar Relic Change Who You Once Were The Merging of Realms Reforged Sword of Legends Down to the Core Power of Alsayics The Plane of Darkness Ransacking the Castle (Quest Shard) Ransacking the Castle Nearing Victory (Quest Shard) Nearing Victory Guards of the Castle (Quest Shard) Guards of the Castle Foraging the Tomb (Quest Shard) Foraging the Tomb Guards of the Tomb (Quest Shard) Guards of the Tomb Assisting Syriza (Quest Shard) Assisting Syriza Xianne's Requirements (Quest Shard) Xianne's Requirements Approaching Darkness (Quest Shard) Approaching Darkness Fellena's Request (Quest Shard) Fellena's Request Feraduin's Mission (Quest Shard) Feraduin's Mission Searching the Shadows (Quest Shard) Searching the Shadows Culling the Darkness (Quest Shard) Culling the Darkness Eliminating the Darkness (Quest Shard) Eliminating the Darkness The Inner Menace (Quest Shard) The Inner Menace Insertion Preparation (Quest Shard) Insertion Preparation Collecting Supplies (Quest Shard) Collecting Supplies Silent Assassinations (Quest Shard) Silent Assassinations Hurkon's Request (Quest Shard) Hurkon's Request Flanking the Shadows (Quest Shard) Flanking the Shadows Invading the Shadows (Quest Shard) An Extensive Challenge Invading the Shadows Entering the Dark (Quest Shard) Entering the Dark The Alsayic Bond Beasts of the Pit Beasts of the Pit (Quest Shard) Swimming with Fire (Quest Shard) Swimming with Fire Molten Resources (Quest Shard) Molten Resources Guardians of Zhul The Molten Lake (Quest Shard) The Molten Lake Supplies from the East (Quest Shard) Supplies from the East Might of the Flames (Quest Shard) Might of the Flames The Eastern Scorchland (Quest Shard) The Eastern Scorchland Fiery Evolutions (Quest Shard) Fiery Evolutions The Eastern Flow (Quest Shard) The Eastern Flow The Western Flow (Quest Shard) The Western Flow The Lava Serpents (Quest Shard) The Lava Serpents Minions of Fire (Quest Shard) Minions of Fire Eastern Assistance (Quest Shard) Eastern Assistance Advancement Preparation (Quest Shard) Advancement Preparation Western Assistance (Quest Shard) Western Assistance The Northern Scorchland (Quest Shard) The Northern Scorchland Gathering the Essences (Quest Shard) Gathering the Essences The Southern Scorchland (Quest Shard) The Southern Scorchland Commencing the Clearance (Quest Shard) Commencing the Clearance Supplies for the Fort (Quest Shard) Supplies for the Fort Defending the Ruins (Quest Shard) Defending the Ruins The Blunt Force The Mountain Magic The Forest Enchantment The Pristine Depths A Warrior's Might Easy Way Out (Chest & Weapon) Easy Way Out (Weapon) The Hunt for Nimbility The Depths of the Swamp (Quest Shard) The Depths of the Swamp Beasts of the Deep (Quest Shard) Beasts of the Deep Clearing the Mountain Pass (Quest Shard) Clearing the Mountain Pass The Mountain Orcs (Quest Shard) The Mountain Orcs Diminishing the Archers (Quest Shard) Diminishing the Archers A Skillful Lumberjack (Quest Shard) A Skillful Lumberjack Cleansing the Swamp (Quest Shard) Cleansing the Swamp Food for the Old Man (Quest Shard) Food for the Old Man Providing the Light Escaping the Forest (Quest Shard) Escaping the Forest Initiating the Assault (Quest Shard) Initiating the Assault Saint Nick's Candy Canes Enflamed Creations Strengthening the Defense Culling the Treants Recovering the Circlet A Pensioner's Diet Delaying the Assault Disarming the Brute Force Rahnek's Task Master Affliction Pants Master Preservation Pants Master Ferocity Pants Master Class Pants Pants of Malice Pants of the Order Pants of Melee Pants of the Elements Pants of the Gathering Pants of Focus Pants of Truth Pants of Inner Strength Pants of Slight Pants of Will Pants of Destiny Don't Drop the Soap The Divided Planes Grabbin' Bags Acquiring Wisdom The Hunt for Leather (Quest Shard) The Hunt for Leather The Art of Hunting Family Insurance (Quest Shard) Family Insurance A Mother's Bond Preparing for the Journey (Quest Shard) Preparing for the Journey Escaping the Hive (Quest Shard) Escaping the Hive Releasing the Shackles (Quest Shard) Releasing the Shackles Revenge on the Guards (Quest Shard) Revenge on the Guards Eliminating the Shadow Masters (Quest Shard) Eliminating the Shadow Masters Confiscating the Power (Quest Shard) Confiscating the Power Containing the Inferno The Safety of Research (Quest Shard) The Safety of Research Returning to the Suburbs (Quest Shard) Returning to the Suburbs Improving the Finances (Quest Shard) Improving the Finances Protection of the City Krawling Around The Eastern Menace The Stolen Crates An Overgrowing Population Resources from the Forest Killing the Intruders Balancing the Foodchain In Search of Food The Masters of Rallis Foiling the Master's Plans Clearing the Dungeon The Mysterious Crystals Protecting Rallis Ensuring Safety Controlling the Population The Missing Jewellery Cleansing the Storage Facility Muting the Noisemakers Purifying the Church Recovering the Stolen Goods Enforcing the Law A Helping Hand Exacting Revenge (Quest Shard) Exacting Revenge Advanced Computing (Quest Shard) Advanced Computing Clearing the Fortress (Quest Shard) Clearing the Fortress Deterring the Monsters (Quest Shard) Deterring the Monsters Collecting the Critters (Quest Shard) Collecting the Critters Returning to the City (Quest Shard) Returning to the City Collecting Hides (Quest Shard) Collecting Hides Researching the Army (Quest Shard) Researching the Army A Safe Departure (Quest Shard) A Safe Departure Exposing the Sanctum (Quest Shard) Exposing the Sanctum Collecting the Chips (Quest Shard) Collecting the Chips Destroying the Creations (Quest Shard) Destroying the Creations Retrieving the Elements (Quest Shard) Retrieving the Elements Continuation of Research (Daily) An Orc of a Time (Quest Shard) An Orc of a Time Underground Investigation Grind Room Ten Grind Room Nine Grind Room Eight Grind Room Seven Grind Room Six Grind Room Five Grind Room Four Grind Room Three Grind Room Two Grind Room One Controlling the Darkness A Higher Fighter Fighting Magic The Stronger Soldiers Recovering Soldiers Serving the Divine Offing The Family Traders Tragedy A Mothers Betrayal Sword of Legends Locating the Journals (Quest Shard) Locating the Journals Aiding the Escape (Quest Shard) Aiding the Escape Fuelling the Fire (Quest Shard) Fuelling the Fire Offering Support (Quest Shard) Offering Support Supplying the Alliance (Quest Shard) Supplying the Alliance Minimizing the Threat (Quest Shard) Minimizing the Threat Creating the Revenue (Quest Shard) Creating the Revenue Traders Tragedy A Mothers Betrayal Clearing the Passage (Quest Shard) Clearing the Passage Providing a Deterrent (Quest Shard) Providing a Deterrent Cleansing the Tomb (Quest Shard) Cleansing the Tomb Recovering the Heirloom (Quest Shard) Recovering the Heirloom Escaping Detention (Quest Shard) Escaping Detention Bagging the Trophies (Quest Shard) Bagging the Trophies Stalking the Land (Quest Shard) Stalking the Land Silencing the Goblins (Quest Shard) Silencing the Goblins Uncovering the Truth Goblin Culling (Quest Shard) Goblin Culling Recovering the Maps (Quest Shard) Recovering the Maps Cave Exploration (Quest Shard) Cave Exploration Extraterrestrial Hunting (Quest Shard) Extraterrestrial Hunting Repelling the Attack (Quest Shard) Repelling the Attack Angelic Desires Revisit Holiness A Better Blade Metallurgy Composite (Foot) Metallurgy Composite (Ring) Metallurgy Composite (Pants) Quest For The Coins One Magic Moment Collecting Leftovers Making A Move They Really Do Exist The Gift of Rage Restoring Your Memory Clearing Your Brain Darker Then Dark When Darkness Comes Around Resisting The Arcane Power The Elite Among Us Bumps in the Night Holiness from Above Fired Up The Golden Leaf Tracie's Hooking Abilities Dead Men's Soles Strap....On? Direction of the Dead No More Lonely Fights Ahead of the Game Gettin' Into Tracie's Pants Cold Steel Shank Bearing Arms (Weapon) Booty Call (Chest) More City Souls (Quest Shard) More City Souls Deeds in the Desert (Quest Shard) Scouring the Forest (Quest Shard) Conjured Plague (Quest Shard) Deeds in the Desert Scouring the Forest Conjured Plague Extinguishing the Evil No Time For Jokes Extinguish The Flame Scientific Extermination (Quest Shard) Forwarding Studies (Quest Shard) The Final Fight (Quest Shard) Battle For the Valley (Quest Shard) Scientific Extermination Forwarding Studies Samples for Lily The Final Fight Battle For the Valley The King's Treasures (Quest Shard) Royal Thievery (Quest Shard) Re-Bound (Quest Shard) Royal Thievery The Chains That Bind (Quest Shard) Re-Bound The Chains That Bind The King's Treasures The King's Loot (Quest Shard) Freedom For the King The King's Loot Fight For The Valley Withered Old Man's Strange Collection (Quest Shard) Withered Old Man's Strange Collection Lady Summons (Quest Shard) Lady Summons Life of an Old Man (Quest Shard) Life of an Old Man Gearing For Battle (Quest Shard) Gearing For Battle Angel's Tasks (Quest Shard) Death of an Old Man (Quest Shard) Angel's Tasks Death of an Old Man Spirit Force Unleashed Retrieval of the Crystal Skull Hunting Aliens: Part 3 Hunting Aliens: Part 2 Hunting Aliens: Part 1 Wanna Go Duning? The Huntison A New Age You Wont Like Me When Im Angry Desperate Recovery Digging Deeper Curse of Phoenix Obtaining the Serum Into Quarantine Quarantine Haunted Royalty Something Amiss In The Desert Fragment Experience Go Back Inside the Mystifying Carnival Fun Day At The Carnival Zhulian Potion Scurvy and the Scallywag The War-Torn Land Legends of a Thief Tower Defense The Army's Pet Mole Dungeon War Inside Attack The Return of Zordra Elemental Calamity Land of the Dying Hate Kills No Excavation Orb of Power Queen of the Dumb Poisonous Ruins Ancient Wood? Extra Terrestrial Cure-iousity Food Fight Old And Deadly Medical Hijack Bombs Away Lower Badlands Sonic Madness The Dead Walk Again Hidden Siege Force Monster Science Nightmare in the Catacombs Moles in the Coliseum Bad Influence Cathedral Threats Electric Guitar Smuggler Swine Cleansing the Church Street Crawler Attack Bounty Hunter Diamond City Favors Reclaim the Tower Infiltrate the Gnomish Laboratory EXP Quest of Atrocities (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Atrocities EXP Quest of the Hit (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of the Hit EXP Quest of Politics (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Politics EXP Quest of the Road Raiders (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of the Road Raiders EXP Quest of Dark Energy (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Dark Energy EXP Quest of Shields (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Shields EXP Quest of Borders (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Borders EXP Quest of Darkness (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Skulls (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Skulls EXP Quest of Conquest (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Conquest EXP Quest of Darkness EXP Quest of Valor (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Valor EXP Quest of Reckoning (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Reckoning EXP Quest of Time (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Time EXP Quest of Brotherhood (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Brotherhood EXP Quest of Psionics (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Psionics EXP Quest of the March (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of the March EXP Quest of Lunacy (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Lunacy EXP Quest of Visions (Quest Shard) Exp Quest of Visions EXP Quest of Clues (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Clues EXP Quest of Pandemics (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Pandemics EXP Quest of Waste (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Winds (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Winds EXP Quest of Waste EXP Quest of Gangs (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Gangs EXP Quest of Hope (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Hope Maglious Demise EXP Quest of Dupes (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Dupes EXP Quest of Reclamation (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Reclamation EXP Quest of Tardin EXP Quest of Tardin (Quest Shard) EXP Quest of Farnoll EXP Quest of Farnoll (Quest Shard) Zhulian Power Shard Zhulian Invasion Intelligent Toys Toys for the children City Souls Forest Souls Colored Souls Gates of Wonderland Because i say so Self-obsessed