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9/15/17 - Trial of Power:
For the entire duration of the event, there will be a 20% off treasury Preferred Player sale!

The Trial of Power has been initiated! Arkron, God of Trials has summoned combatants to the streets of Diamond City to participate in the trials. Prove your strength to obtain powerful items and prepare for the wars to come! Speak to the Trial Overseer to begin the trials!

During the trials, Arkrons most trusted guardians, Shaik and Rook, will occasionally appear. Arkron has also sent his most powerful assistant Golluk. This raid will spawn every day and will not count towards the crew cap, however only the most powerful of crews will be able to defeat him!

The minions Arkron has summoned are fused with each of the elemental powers and will drop items associated with that element. The Combatants drop quest items, augments and a new skill orb, however those with the power to do so can defeat the Crusaders for DOUBLE DROPS! Crusaders drop everything Combatants do except the skill orb is replaced with a more powerful version and the Crusaders can drop the Augment of the Grand Combatant. Also, while both of these minions drop the Elementium Curio, only the Crusaders can drop the Elementium Wand.

Combatants and Crusaders can also drop rare items called Auras. Each elemental type of minion will drop an Aura specific to that element and one each of these can be handed in to the Trial Merchant to receive Arkrons Collector Augment.

During this event players can obtain Trial Insignia's from enemies, which will be the currency for the top 5 contest. Players will also have a 1 week grace period after the event to hand Insignia's in to the Trial Merchant for EXP. Only 1 character per person is eligible to place in the top 5 for the Trial Insignia contest. This includes cross server and using other RG accounts as well. You can however choose any character on your winning RGA to receive the rewards.

The Trial of Power will end in 2 weeks, at which point Arkron himself will arrive to test your strength. For further information on these topics, see the Trial of Power Q&A on the Trial of Power page.

9/8/17 - Trial of Power Imminent:
In light of the recent wars waged between Diamond City and the Zhulian armies, Arkron, God of Trials has arranged a training event to help prepare every citizen for the future wars to come. Arkron and his training army will arrive at the Rallis Docks on Friday the 15th of September at 12 noon. After 2 weeks of training, Arkron will appear to see for himself the improvement this training has made.

9/3/17 - New Winteros Quests:
Lvl 79+: Valyrian Lock Box has a new quest available called Valyrian Experience with a 50% bonus EXP Quest Shard version. Speak with him to begin your quest.

8/28/17 - Perfect Challenge (Ring):
The Perfectionist Challenge Master wishes to speak with you concerning a new daunting Challenge. Can you defeat the Challenge Opponent and obtain their Perfect Strike enhanced gear?

8/20/17 - New Winteros Quests:
Lvl 79+: Dextran has a new quest available called Defending Winteros with a 25% bonus EXP Quest Shard version. Speak with him to begin your quest.


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