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12/9/16 - Zombie Invasion!:
The zombie plague has risen again and is terrorizing the streets of Diamond City! You must help defend the city from the mass horde of undead, as well as their 3 ruling guardians ordering the attack! Attack as many zombies as you can find to collect zombie brains, fragments and other items used to craft special augments or gear. The event will run for 2 weeks, ending on Friday 12/23/2016 at noon, at which point the Zombie General will appear.

Changes for this event include:
-Rage amounts have been increased on the 4 main zombie mobs. This also means drop rates have been equally increased to balance this change. Yay server speed!
-Zombie Brain drops now scale, meaning they have a higher chance to drop from higher level mobs. This means contest participants will no longer be disadvantaged for attacking different mobs.
-As a result of the previous change, brain requirements for the belt quests have been reduced.
-Generals Scourgeplates have been replaced with a new chest item, the Zombie Tunic, which is obtainable from the 3 Guardians and the Zombie General.
-Zombie Augment 5 recipe now only requires 1 Zombie Heart, but the Zombie Augment 6 recipe now requires 1 Zombie Heart.
-Zombie Augment 4 recipes no longer require Zombie Hearts, but 2 extra Zombie Heads instead.
-Zombie Augment 3 recipes now only require 1 Zombie Head.
-Zombie Essence drop rate has been doubled on Zombie Knights but slightly decreased on the 3 gods.
-Zombie Hearts and Heads will no longer remain after the event. They will now be removed when the boss is spawned at the end of the event. This change also means that drop rates will increase for future events.
-Zombie Brains will no longer be removed when the event ends. Instead, players will now have until the Boss Spawn is dead on both servers to hand in brains for experience before they are removed. Brain counts for the contest will still be taken when the event ends, meaning winners will no longer miss out on EXP!
-Lowered the mob requirements of the Zombie Invasion quest, get those Zombie Slayers! The Zombie Slayer's stats have also been increased.

As a new addition for this event, you can present your collected Zombie Brains to Dillan and he will award you with a new augment depending on how many brains you have collected. You can upgrade this new augment a further 2 times if you collect more brains. Please note, this quest WILL NOT remove any brains from your account, Dillan only wants to check to see how many you have! These augments can not be transferred between characters. This quest will be removed at the end of the event when the boss spawns.

To begin your Zombie Invasion adventure, speak to Cyprus outside the Dusty Glass Tavern and acquire your zombie killing weaponry!

As usual, Macky is willing to help you create Zombie Heads if you help him gather some supplies!

If you are looking for new gear to battle the zombies, speak to Carman and she will gladly equip you with powerful belts in exchange for Zombie Brains. For those with leftover Zombie Brains who are not interested in placing in the contest, she will also allow you to trade them in for experience.

For those with leftover Fragments, hand them over to Dillan for some bonus experience.

For more information including winners rewards for the contest and recipes, head over to the Zombie Invasion page. Please note, you will be able to claim multiple of some keys (eg. 4x Profound Ward). Happy Apocalypse!

12/3/16 - Boss Damage Enhancer:
A new lvl 80 Enhancer has been added to the treasury, giving players more damage against raid bosses. If you dare defeat the Zombie General later this month, you'll want to have this!

12/3/16 - Zombie Invasion Imminent!:
Scouts have reported sightings of a massive horde of zombies approaching Diamond City! It is estimated they will reach the city gates on Friday, 9th of December around noon time. Prepare yourselves for battle champions, fending off these undead beings will be a challenging task!

The event will last for 14 days, at which point the Zombie General will appear. Changes/additions for this event will be listed when the event begins.

11/28/16 - Cyber Monday Preferred Player Treasury Discount:
For the next 24 hours (Nov 28th 9am EST to Nov 29th 9am EST) everything on the Treasury will be 20% off for Preferred Players.

11/27/16 - Ultra Augment (Kinetic):
Athena wishes to speak with you in the Challenge Arena regarding a new Challenge. If you complete her challenge you may be rewarded with a Vanguard Token which Athena will accept for a new powerful augment. Do you have what it takes?

11/19/16 - Profound Warden Set:
The Profound Warden set has been added to the game for those wanting to even further their power level. Collecting this whole set will provide it's bearer with power never seen before!

Speak with the Profound Warden to enquire about obtaining this set. He will trade one Profound Ward for each piece of the set, which can be found on the treasury.

We are working hard on releasing more endgame content in the coming weeks, including new Guardian raids, challenging ways to amplify power and experience (both passive and items), new Enhancers and more. Stay tuned!

11/16/16 - Ultra Augment (Fire):
Athena wishes to speak with you in the Challenge Arena regarding a new Challenge. If you complete her challenge you may be rewarded with a Vanguard Token which Athena will accept for a new powerful augment. Do you have what it takes?


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