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WARNING: DOES NOT AUTO-SOLVE CAPTCHAs, world hunger or find your missing keys!
If the program crashes on start
  • Be sure all instances of the program are closed
  • Uninstall the program
  • Go to "%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\" there are randomly named folders, go inside them and remove any "rede...ExtraRandomCharacters" folders you find
  • or Contact us

News & Change List

Redefined - RaidR News
-= News =- Added Time Frame ⇒ Added Gods Info ⇒ Beta PVP-AA Released
Known Issues ⇒ Outwar's 'BossRaids WaitTime - Set random seconds to wait, on both min and max, to 60 or whatever Outwar decides to be
⇒ Characters get unchecked after moving/raiding ⇒ Not an Issue: SAVE GROUP(S)
ChangeList v4.2.8.1 ⇒ 26.09.2015 15:37

[f] Fixed Scheduler
[f] Fixed Chain/Regular Raiding
[f] Fixed Underling Buff
[f] Possible fix for Raid Joining on an already formed raid

-●- Previous CLs -●-
-= v4.2.8.0 =-
[+] Added RGA Logins - save more rga login names
[+] Added LvL 1 to LvL 11
[f] Possible fix for Raid Joining Crash
[f] Possible fix for Raid LaunchRaid Crash
[f] Possible fix for Spotting Server Gods Crash
[^] Equipment and getting item stats optimizations - SkillR might work better
[^] MoveR Logic - MoveR might be broken

-= v4.2.7.8 =-
[f] ManagR - TRUSTEE Add/Remove updated after Outwar's changes
[f] Equipment - Sometimes not finding all equipped items (possible SkillR fix)
[f] WildRness - Failed to register losing
[f] Char ManagR - Fixed cast selected skill
[^] Pressing Enter to login also works when RGA Login is selected
[^] WildRness - optimisations
[^] SkillR - Unchecking LvL Warn disables all warnings - including equipping issues
[^] Timed Dialogue - 3 buttons are better than 2

-= v4.2.6.7 - v4.2.7.7 =-
[f] MoveR - fixed teleporting
[f] SkillR - fixed skilling - again...
[^] SkillR - optimized calculate equipment
[^] Equipping/UnEquipping - possible fix for SkillR

-= v4.2.6.7 =-
Reverted MoveR optimisations
[+] Set HomeBar - experimental

-= v4.2.6.6 ⇒ 09.04.2015 20:29 =-
[^] MoveR - optimized moving - search for alternatives only if cost is more than 10
[f] Inventory failed on getting some items - Skilling was broken also - possible fix...
[f] small bug fixes

-= v4.2.6.0-5 ⇒ 12.03.2015 10:04 =-
[+] Changes to inventory will force char to be saved to DB ON SAVE CHANGES
[^] MoveR - Creates a list of teleports and searches for the shortest path
[^] MoveR - Some rooms were messed up
[^] SkillR - Don't unequip unless needed
[*] Many other changes that might fix or break

-= v4.2.4.0 - 9 ⇒ 18.02.2015 17:13 =-
A lot of bugfixing
[+] SkillR - (experimental) - Skill Auto-Learning
[+] RaidR - Added Launch Raid Captcha check
[+] RaidR - (experimental) - Internal browser for Captcha (using Internet Explorer) - requires IE version above 9 and Registry access to display pages
[+] MoveR - (experimental) - Return To Camp - Returns to last room after moving
[+] Dump log and Send e-mail on crash (experimental)
[f] RaidR - Chain/Boss Lists not showing items on first run or after reset
[f] RaidR - Min/Max values for Boss Raids crashed the program...
[f] UpdateIcon crashed the program
[f] Not Loading all Characters
[f] LogIn button not working on pressing enter after start
[f] Error message during Login
[^] New DB method: Serialized Characters
[^] Reworked Raiding
[^] Reworked Inventory Management
[^] Reworked Skilling - due tot change in inventory management
[^] Modified Potion casting - faster casting for Remnant and others
[^] Faster data downloading/updating
[-] Removed BringToFront() - should not take focus from other applications any more, Q
[-] Removed minimum joiners on raid
[*] Code: moved char methods to respective inventory methods
[*] Code: raid inheritance + current raids list

-= ⇒ 22.08.2014 10:28 =-
[f] Not Logging in sometimes when using Serialized Characters
[f] Buy Items from Treasury (should be working)
[f] Minimum Rage Limit on Forming Raids #RedefinedTools@Quakenet by